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1st of September 2006 The Wormhole Saloon Phase IV 7 pm - 11 pm Whitechapel Gallery 82 Whitechapel Hight Street £6/£5 (conc.)
The Wormhole Saloon is organised by Joel Cahen, www.newtoy.org  

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General overview
'archive' is the second [zeiTraum] act which will be taking place within the Wormhole Saloon IV on the 1 st of September 2006 at Whitechapel Gallery. Followed by its previous act at Wormhole Saloon III, this time   [zeiTraum] will set up an archive consisting of all the data/traces such as foot prints, personal belongings, leftovers and thoughts etc which were collected by two collaborators (Christina Fornaciari & Jonathan Lahaie) during the last event.

What was happening
Jay Rechsteiner and Eunji Kim of the   [zeiTraum]-team started at 7pm to 'defrost' the data over two hours by setting up the archive while the rest of the team namely Jonathan Lahai, Nazanin and Michael Harland were promoting and introducing the [zeiTraum]-archive throughout the venue in order to prepare people so it would be smoother to 'process' the public once they are inside the archive. From 8:30 pm onwards the archive was open for the public to reclaim their personal belongings from last time, exchange or buy items. Anyone who participated had   the opportunity to get registered with [zeiTraum] and obtain a membership, which entitles them to download their item(s) in digitalised format from the [zeiTraum] server. From 10:20 pm till 11 pm the archive was closed and an auction of all the items which had not been exchanged or purchased was held. Our Jonathan Lahaie played the auctionaire (and he did a great job!). People were also   asked to transform the 1 st of September 2006 into the the 23 rd of June 2006 by participating and helping to create a collaborative performance product which failed of course but we did not expect it to succeed anyway because there was just too much stuff going on.   For more info regarding this collaborative performance product refer to website of The Washroom Projects ( www.jayrechsteiner.com ).

The idea
The idea behind the project is to 'deep freeze' individual data belonging to a certain time and space and 'defrosting' it in a different time in the future. The 'frozen' object is unconscious of the passing of time and will remain unchanged from when it was captured (= no consumption of space) whereas its owner is conscious of the passing through time and change (= consumption of space). 'Archive' is an analytic research project to locate and dislocate 'taxidermy' of traces in time and space and attempts to acknowledge extraordinary interaction and movement created in ordinary life.

All the collected data which is in fact rubbish remains what it is: Rubbish. The space (in this context the art event Wormhole Saloon at Whitechapel Gallery) changes in relation to natural environment of the rubbish (time travelling aspect of the consciousness of items and owners of items / consumption of space). The process of the rubbish transforms it into art. It does not matter what kind of process it goes through. As long as it goes through a process it becomes art. The process in form of discussions about the price of the items transforms it not only into art but also adds financial and social value to the items although the material structure does not change. [zeiTraum] focuses on the process. There is no final product.

Check out the items we exchanged
. Click HERE.

Downloads & links
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Joel Cahen's website newtoy.org
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