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"zeiTraum Phase 1a: performative collection of personal space"

23rd of June 2006
The Wormhole Saloon Phase III
7 pm - 11 pm
Whitechapel Gallery
82 Whitechapel Hight Street
£6/£5 (conc.)
The Wormhole Saloon is organised by Joel Cahen,


A small team consisting of two performers -Jonathan Lahaie (Quebec) & Christina Fornaciari (Brasil)- and the [zeiTraum]-partnership dressed in white boilersuits and equipped with cameras, recorders, bags, containers etc. were collecting various data during the Wormhole Saloon Phase III. All the collected data needs to be analysed and processed after the Wormhole Saloon III and exhibited in the Wormhole Saloon IV as an installation. The methods of exhibition are tobe elaborated during the procession and analysis.

Data and forms of collection
video and sound recording interviews with people at the event, collection of personal samples from people at the event (foot prints, leftovers etc.).

Capturing initimate moments at the event exploring the oppressed individual as part of a collective and corporate society that is trying to eliminate individuality in order to achieve certain political, social and financial goals. Exposing these moments during the Wormhole Saloon IV gives us the opportunity to highlight individuality and compare collective intimacy with personal individual intimacy. Intimate moments are details, elements of the human society and understanding the principles and ways of these details gives us an insight knowledge how and why everything is the way it is.


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