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[zeiTraum] is a practical research based arts project initiated by Eunji Kim from Korea & myself, Jay Rechsteiner from Switzerland, in November 2005. 

Initially the main objective of the label [zeiTraum] was to investigate the human pattern of conception focusing on the lowest common denominator in order to comprehend the human condition. By dissecting contemporary society and its history in combination with analytical investigation of concepts of visual and performing art / artists [zeiTraum] would generate new ideas and concepts which manifest in ground breaking arts projects.


However, internal quarrels & problems regarding the general direction and management of [zeiTraum] have resulted in Eunji Kim resigning from the project. I then had to restructure and reestablish [zeiTraum]. I decided to devote this project to the development of The Concept of Art that is The Concept of Value. My research is based on discussions in form of The Washroom Talks and on practical art projects such as performance, installation or any kind of project orientated art as well as an ongoing collection of items of no artistic value called The Archive. Since [zeiTraum] is internally and externally interactive I invite others to participate in the project [zeiTraum] on a long or short-term basis. Vital discussions generating and triggering off ideas and new ways help me to develop The Concept of Art.

Check out the project site to find out more about The Concept of Art and especially The Washroom Talks.



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