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The second Washroom Talk took place inside the ladies of the Hackney Empire Theatre in Hackney, East London on the 26 th of May 2007 from 1:30 pm till 2:30 pm with six talkers namely Tony Winn, Lydia Fraser-Ward, Andrew Burgress, Sian-Estelle Petty, Hazel Tsoi and Ali Epps.

The initial question for the Talk was "What is non-art?"

The Transcript

Click HERE to download the whole talk as a PDF. Note that it probably contains a few mistakes due to the sound qualtity of the film footage.

The Video

The whole talk was being filmed with two cameras. A CCTV-camera was positioned above the talkers and a DV-camera inside one of the two cubicles. The footage of the DV-camera can be viewed on youtube or all embeded in one one page CLICK HERE. Every clip is about 10 minutes long.

PART 1     PART 2      PART 3      PART 4      PART 5     PART 6

The Talkers

Tony Winn - Singer/Songwriter/actor
Tony has 6 albums of his own material released on his own label and does gigs mainly solo at folk clubs and arts centers or anywhere where people will listen. Tony currently has a one man show "Singing in the Bath" which is a set of humorous songs & poems performed from the luxury of a small tin bath - the show will be at the Edinburgh Fringe and Arundel Fringe this year.



email: tony.winn@btinternet.com



Lydia Fraser-Ward - Performer
Lydia has obtained a 1st Degree BA (Hons) in European Theatre Arts at Rose Bruford College and has also completed a Masters Degree in Advanced Theatre Practice at The Central School of Speech and Drama. Having previously worked at The Bush Theatre, following two years as a freelance producer, Lydia now works as Senior Development Officer at BAC whilst acting as joint company director of Para-Site Theatre Company.

web: www.para-sitetheatre.co.uk
email: lydiaf@bac.org.uk


Andrew Burgress - film and video artist
Andrew works with found footage and shoots video; he uses photographs, scanned images and sound, that he takes from all over the place and filters through a 'cut-up' process to create a landscape of texture and atmosphere that imply his own social, political and psychological identity, this identity is never rigid and can only be touched upon through erratic signals of dislocation, contradiction and imbalance.

www.misdirected.org.uk (offline temporarily)

drewburgress@yahoo.co.uk, contact@misdirected.org.uk

Sian Estelle-Petty - art graduate
Sian gratuated from Goldsmith University with a BA in fine arts.

email: sian_estellepetty@hotmail.com




Hazel Tsoi - Co-Editor & Events Editor
Hazel is currently Co-Editor and Events Editor for www.londonist.com, with a special interest in live art, theatre and festivals as well as staying informed about visual arts, literature and dance. Hazel is about to start as a participant on the Live Art UK programme Critical Writing Initiative - more information can be found here:

Eemail: hazel.tsoi@gmail.com


Ali Epps - multi-media artist
Ali is a young London-based contemporary installation artist with a growing reputation for the macabre beau-idéal, unveils her new collection of bespoke doll jewellery. Ali does large-scale jewellery, writing, performance, video, installation etc. Think Edgar Allen Poe meets Mr T.



email: alifire@hotmail.com



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