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The third Washroom Talk took place inside the toilet of gallery:space in Finsbury Park, NorthLondon on the 21st of July 2007 from 1:00 pm till 2:00 pm with seven talkers namely Patrick Coleman, Lucinda Holmes, Luke Putres, Fiona Whitelaw, Luis Pereira, Helena Stenkvist & Suzy Harvey.

The initial statement for the Talk was "You could say that real art is something that has no other function except to be evaluated and examined by an audience or another person. There you can perhaps distinguish between art and non-art. "

The Transcript

Click HERE to download the whole talk as a PDF. Note that it probably contains a few mistakes due to the sound qualtity of the film footage.

The Video

The whole talk was being filmed with two cameras. A CCTV-camera and a DV-camera were positioned on the floor where the talkers were sitting. The footage of the DV-camera can be viewed on youtube or all embeded in one one page CLICK HERE. Every clip is about 10 minutes long.

PART 1     PART 2     PART 3      PART 4     PART 5      PART 6       PART 7

Patrick Coleman - artist
Patrick Coleman is an artist working in the field of drawing and painting.

Click here http://www.axisweb.org/seCVFU.aspx?ARTISTID=12313 to read more about his practice.

Email: patrickcoleman321@hotmail.com

Lucinda Holmes - artist
Lucinda makes miniature worlds in rooms or on surfaces from everyday materials, such as nails, or pen lids. She has recently completed an MA in drawing at Wimbledon, been on a residency at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, NC and has just been accepted on the Drawing Center's Viewing Program. In addition to her installations/drawings Lucinda has just started doing some writing about art and her own work.

To see what Lucinda got up to at Elsewhere click on following links:

Email: lucindaholmes@hotmail.com

Luke Putres - actor
Luke Putres is an actor based in London. Click here for more info about Lukeand a detailed list of productions he has been involved so far: http://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/9975-5615-9490

Email: philoakey@hotmail.co.uk


Fiona Whitelaw - actor & writer
Fiona is an actor/writer working in London.

Recent credits include THEATRE- Ruby Couple in A KARAOKE WEDDING, Union Theatre, Olive in ASSYLUM MONOLOGUES , Crucible Theatre Sheffied, Cynthia in THE POLITICIAN by Kwame Kwei-Amah, Albany Theatre, Mrs Quick in RADIANCE by Dawn Garrigan ,Oval House Theatre. FILM- Officer 69 in SMALL TOWN dir Jon Crewe, Dr Harris in Elsie & Jane dir Daniel Strangleman. Fiona is also a writer with plays produced at The Blue Elephant Theatre and Teatro Vivo.

Email: fwhitelaw@msn.com

Luis Pereira - multi-media artist
Luis is a photographer more drown to conceptual work and to alternative art. Studied for four years professional photography in a private school in Lisbon and was one of the ten students to be selected for the advance course, which gave him the privilege of exhibiting his final work along with his colleagues in one of the well known galleries in Lisbon, Cordoaria Nacional (2005). Moved to London in the middle of 2005 looking for an opportunity in the Art world. Luis has in the past, some work published in a few art magazines like the "Shift" magazine (Germany) and "Umbigo" (Portugal) and have worked in many collaborations with different artists attached to performance arts, fashion design and music. Luis has also a huge interest in film, especially the beginning with silent movies which inspired him to create his first film in Super8 "sleeping beauty palace" which was first screened in London in "play" bar on the "misbehaviour" event. In his spare time I does music with a group of friends called "playnbeauty", playing with the concept of music, visual, painting and alternative art in general. They are currently working on thier second homemade album "Sketches" after the failure of their first one "Sisters are calling" released in 2001 for an art event in the "week of Youth" in Lisbon.
http://www.myspace.com/thesinkisback    http://www.myspace.com/playnbeauty
Email: emptysink@gmail.com

Helena Stenkvist - dancer
Helena is a graduate from Laban School of Contemporary Dance in South East London.

Email: helenastenkvist@hotmail.com

Suzy Harvey - actress
Suzy trained as an physical theatre performer and devises theatre shows with two friends as part of a theatre company. She also works on her own and has choreographed a show and is currently devising a solo show (July 2007). She also works as a performer in other people's shows. For extra money, she runs children's parties and works as a clown in children's hospitals.

Web: http://www.suzyharvey.com
Email: suzy@suzyharvey.com



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