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The fourth Washroom Talk took place inside the gents at Tate Liverpool on the 25th of October 2007 from 19:00 pm till 20:00 pm with seven talkers namely Derek Culley, Jordana Blumenfield, Julie Anderson, Lisa Beauchamp, Philip Sykes & Mary Fitzpatrick.

The talk was projected real-time outside the toilet in the basement foyer. With headphones people could listen to the talk.

The initial statement for the Talk was "Something is art if the audience perceives it as art. (However) art is purposely elitist and not really accessible for common people. One of the main purposes of the Turner Prize is heightening the public awareness of contemporary art." What is your opinion?

The Transcript

Click HERE to download the whole talk as a PDF. Note that it is a temporary transcript and probably contains a few mistakes due to the sound qualtity of the film footage. It was transcripted by Noiram Igehtig "Chocolate Wonder".

The Video

The whole talk was being filmed with two cameras. A CCTV-camera and a DV-camera were positioned on the floor where the talkers were sitting. The footage of the DV-camera can be viewed on youtube or all embeded in one one page CLICK HERE. Every clip is about 10 minutes long.

PART 1       PART 2       PART 3        PART 4       PART 5       PART 6


The Talkers

Mr Name Not to Be Revealed, Artist, Illustrator and Charity Worker
Allen has just finished a BA in History of Art & Design + Illustration from the University of Lincoln.

Derek Culley, Painter
Born and educated in Dublin , Derek Culley is mainly self taught and intuitive in approach. As a young man his visual imagination was stimulated by early Celtic stone carvings on exhibition at the National Museum - Dublin and the Book of Kells in Trinity College , Dublin .

The language Culley uses is basically that of Abstract Expressionism in its various manifestations through Pollock and De Kooning, adding to the mix some references to Celtic and other sources. But if his language is a complex one, it is also one he has mastered and can on occasion use for his considerable expressive purposes. Since it is a manner which relies on a degree of impulse, his subjects can remain embedded in a welter of signs and marks. But when everything gels, the results have considerable imaginative impact and impressive power.

1. Mel Gordon: Celtic Vision Catalogue 1986
2. Desmond Macavock: The Irish Times 1989

Culley was recently awarded a prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant ( New York ) 2006-2007.


Email: funkypaddy@btinternet.com

Jordana Blumenfield
Jordana from the US who has a BA in psychology works with adults with learning and physical disabilities. She plays the guitar in her spare time and thinks about it the rest of the time.

Email: jblum553@yahoo.com

Julie Anderson - Painter
Since earning a first class fine art degree in 2002, Julie has worked in a variety of branches of the arts and exhibited around Liverpool as well as hosting talks and workshops around creativity.

Her work, while aesthetically beautiful, also explores very personal and difficult issues and emotions. The artist describes her inspiration and methods-

Through her work Julie explores feelings of loneliness, isolation, exclusion and fear that she has experienced through her personal and working life. Julie uses found objects, sounds, words and spaces that people have used or left behind, to create work in a variety of media. She finds the traces and imprints left by people more fascinating and powerful than their human presence.

http://www.dot-art.co.uk/pages/artists/artist.php?artistId=42 http://www.artinliverpool.com/julieanderson/

Email: littlegeranium@hotmail.com

Lisa Beauchamp
Lisa completed an MA in Art History & Visual Studies last year.  Her research interests include feminist and performance art and theoretical studies relating to these including feminist theory, queer theory and newly developed theories such as intersectionality and disidentification. She is particularly interested in how these theories relate to and are embedded in social spaces and how these can be incorporated into an interdisciplinary arts practice. Lisa is currently working at Arts Council England, NW as a Departmental Administrator for Visual Arts & Literature and Performing Arts. She is also a Curatorial Intern for the Transformations project at the Lowry. Prior to this she has assisted an artists residency at Greenroom and is also working for American Feminist Artist Judy Chicago.

http://www.doorstepcollective.blogspot.com http://www.mixingitupmanchester.blogspot.com

Email: lisabeauchamp@hotmail.com

Philip Sykes - Multi-Artist & Musician

Philip Sykes is an artist and musician based in Manchester. His artistic practice is diverse but more frequently includes audio/visual installation and performance. Philip's outputs are divided between his solo work, his partnership in the touring live arts company 'Angel Club (north)' and he is also a founding member of the twenty strong arts collective 'Sometimes...'. 'Sometimes...' exist to create unpretentious art works for the general public and hold quarterly platforms at Manchester's Greenroom. 

Email: philipjohnsykes@hotmail.co.uk


Mary Fitzpatrick - Multi-Media Artist
Mary Fitzpatrick is a contemporary Fine Artist who works with photography, video and painting. She has worked in Belfast and The Middle East and has exhibited in Ireland, England and throughout Europe. Her Art Projects have focused on the Peace Process in Ireland and the aftermath of the First Gulf War on Failaka Island - a long term project in Kuwait. Her work largely comprises largescale atmospheric photographs of abandoned sites after conflict. Some of this work was shown at the Blade Factory in 2004 as part of the Liverpool Biennial Independents. She has recently   returned from a residency at the Al Qattan Foundation for Art in Ramallah City in the West Bank of Palestine. Zlatno Oko Gallery in Serbia are publishing a monograph of her work later this year. She is currently shortlisted for the Liverpool Turner Prize now renamed Liverpool Art Prize which will be held at the Novas Gallery, Liverpool in 2008. 


Email: maryfitzfoto@yahoo.com


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