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The fifth Washroom Talk took place inside the nappy changing room at Tate Liverpool on the 29th of November 2007 from 19:00 pm till 20:00 pm with five talkers namely Mary Fitzpatrick, Emily Voelker, Charlotte Tupper, Honor Donnelly & Anna Manzano.

The talk was projected real-time outside the nappy changing room that was labeled Ladies into a small cardboard box called THE BIG PLASTIC BOX in the basement foyer. With headphones people could listen to the talk.

The initial statement for the Talk was "Art is the perception of art. (Statement Washroom Talk 4)" What is the importance of art in culture and the cultural development of the human society? What is the importance of the Turner Prize when it comes to art and culture?"

The Transcript

Click HERE to download the whole talk as a PDF. Note that it is a temporary transcript and probably contains a few mistakes due to the sound qualtity of the film footage. It was transcripted by Noiram Igehtig "Chocolate Wonder".

The Video

The whole talk was being filmed with two cameras. A CCTV-camera and a DV-camera were positioned on the floor where the talkers were sitting. The footage of the DV-camera can be viewed on youtube or all embeded in one one page CLICK HERE. Every clip is about 10 minutes long.

PART 1       PART 2       PART 3        PART 4       PART 5       PART 6       PART 7       PART 8


The Talkers


Anna Manzano - student
Anna from Austria is a student of Community Drama in Liverpool. She lived in Hong Kong and Thailand and now in Liverpool, UK.

Email: anna.manzano@gmx.at


Honor Donnelly, Artiste
Honor writes, and does a bit of photography, which she is sometimes good at - points and shoots mostly, but then there has to be an emotional attachment to the image she is creating.

Honor doesn't draw as much as she should - Honor has some sort of repression about that, it's like Catholic guilt. At school she was taught, one should always use ones talents and abilities. So, Honor is a repressed, frustrated Gay, Artiste, and a lazy fucker to boot!

Web: www.myspace.com/carravagio
Email: honordonnelly@yahoo.co.uk


Charlotte Tupper
Charlotte Tupper graduated from the Embroidery course at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007. Charlotte enjoys writing her diary and documenting her life. Charlotte works one afternoon a week at the local homeless shelter where she serves tea and coffee and plays draughts and connect 4 with a random mix of people. Charlotte's ideal life would be to work in Arts for Health, with all sorts of people in a creative environment, whether it be mental health, learning difficulties or children through social services. At the moment(Dec 2007) she is doing workshops with visually impaired adults at Manchester City Art Gallery. 

Email: orville725@hotmail.com


Emily Voelker ( Lilly Lotus) - Videographer
Emily graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2003 and is a Community Artist by trade, German-Australian videographer Emily Völker works as an editor for music video production company GoodTimes, runs video and animation workshops at the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT, Liverpool) and creates live visuals, animations and motion graphics as moving image artist Lilly Lotus. For the past six years she has worked with groups of a wide range of abilities, facilitating creative workshops and projects based on the principles of cultural democracy. Emily's work features a distinct DIY aesthetic (combined with new media technology) and celebrates the individual distinguished by imperfection, the bizarre, the recycled, and the handmade.

Email: emily_voelker@hotmail.com
Web: www.myspace.com/lillylotus

Mary Fitzpatrick - Multi-Media Artist
Mary Fitzpatrick is a contemporary Fine Artist who works with photography, video and painting. She has worked in Belfast and The Middle East and has exhibited in Ireland, England and throughout Europe. Her Art Projects have focused on the Peace Process in Ireland and the aftermath of the First Gulf War on Failaka Island - a long term project in Kuwait. Her work largely comprises largescale atmospheric photographs of abandoned sites after conflict. Some of this work was shown at the Blade Factory in 2004 as part of the Liverpool Biennial Independents. She has recently   returned from a residency at the Al Qattan Foundation for Art in Ramallah City in the West Bank of Palestine. Zlatno Oko Gallery in Serbia are publishing a monograph of her work later this year. She is currently shortlisted for the Liverpool Turner Prize now renamed Liverpool Art Prize which will be held at the Novas Gallery, Liverpool in 2008. 


Email: maryfitzfoto@yahoo.com



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