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"zeiTraum Phase 2: " TRANSIT
a video-projection-installation by Jay Rechsteiner & Eunji Kim which was created for Saatchi & Saatchi's GumFactory's 4C Sightseeing Tour (Culture, Content, Communication, Commerce Art Event).

The installation is focused on how urban environment is established and developed by spinning contradictory elements within itself. Creation versus Destruction, Demolition versus Renovation, Construction versus Deconstruction, the cityscape in modern society has been performing a giant wheel of contradictory arenas, and consciously or implicitly, survived by consuming one another. If we have a close look at the urban space, it seems that we inhabit a vast factory where the environment is artificially structured through this process of recycling (constant erosion) . In order to create a new site, an existing instalment is destroyed and this constantly changing environment around us affects our perception of reality and questions major issues of contemporary existence of our surroundings and ourselves. Reality is a concept which is built on the basis of a ‘fixed’ frame of time and space within a specific period of consciousness. Buildings, roads, etc. constructing the urban environment are only valid during a limited period on the time line (based on the idea of time as changing of space) and eventually will be transformed into a ransform the existing environmental space physically and psychologically creating an illusive reality as we comprehend time and our presence within its flow. The installation also contemplates this process of frames of reality turning into illusive reality focusing on the artificial development of urban environment. Besides this it questions the size, the extent and ratio of construction-destruction in contemporary society.

The installation consists of ‘technological spaces’ which is created by audio/visual media (slide/video projections and sound system) and invites spectators to experience insight-involvement into the world he/she inhabits opening up the possibility of imposing awareness of our environments. In order to show an urban environment where reality and illusion co-exist within a single body of time and space the installation employs the use of mixed projections.




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